Beyond acquires Interpark Music’s IP valued at over 50 billion won

Acquisition Pushes Beyond To the Top Position as Asia's Largest IP Management Company

Interpark Music’s neighboring copyrights were acquired by Beyond, an investment and management firm specializing in music IP aggregation. By signing an asset transfer contract on the entire volume owned by the Interpark Music Business Department, Beyond has established itself as Asia’s largest single music IP asset management company. Beyond Music acquired all 878 songs, worth over 50 billion won (USD 40 Million) owned by Interpark, of which Yanolja is the largest shareholder.

Ceo Co-Founder, Jang-won Lee

Beyond Music has retained more than 25,000 domestic and foreign music copyrights, valued at approximately 300 billion won (USD 230 Million). The recent acquisition makes Beyond Music Korea’s No. 1 player among music IP management firms. The company looks to become Asia’s largest IP management firm, with Assets Under Management (AUM) of 1 trillion won by the end of this year, according to the company.

Founded in May 2021, Beyond Music was jointly established by CEO Jang-won Lee, who founded Mafia Company, Asia’s largest digital music score platform company, and hit-songwriter Park Geun-tae.

Co- Founder, Park Geun-Tae

In December 2021, the Company raised 200 billion won of investment from Praxis Capital, resulting in its holding AUM of 270 billion won value of music IP assets. In May of the same year, Beyond Music acquired KNC Music, the largest single music IP portfolio acquisition in the history of the domestic music market, for 46.6 billion won, and acquired FNC Investment, a music IP holder under FNC, for 47 billion won in March this year.

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