Innovative Global Licensing and Distribution Deal Strengthens the Asian Electronic Dance Music Division of Live Nation

Astralwerks and Capitol Records China partner with Fabled Records to take Chinese electronic artists worldwide.

Live Nation, the world’s largest live entertainment company has announced that its Asian Electronic Dance music division, Live Nation Electronic Asia (LNEA), has signed a multi-year worldwide licensing and distribution agreement for its Fabled Records label. To further support the label LNEA is partnering with the iconic Dance label Astralwerks and Capitol Records China (CRC), both divisions of Universal Music Group (UMG), for global releases and distribution of Fabled Records artists.

Under this new partnership, Fabled Records and LNEA will enjoy direct access to a collective pool of UMG’s international divisions.  Capitol Records China will manage marketing for artists within the region, while Astralwerks handles marketing for artists internationally. Working together, they aim to promote Chinese electronic music and artists worldwide.

Fabled Records hopes to be the first globally successful music label from Greater China. Focusing on discovering, developing, and promoting original content from carefully selected local artists. By curating collaborations between international artists and Chinese talents, Fabled hopes to push Chinese music onto the global stage.

Live Nation
Jim Wong
Jim Wong, Managing Director at Live Nation Electronic Asia, Dancing Dragon Management, and label head of Fabled Records, said: “Greater China dance music has grown tremendously in the past decade, particularly in the live and club sectors of business. It has influenced a lot of artists, adults, and teenagers in Greater China to start listening, engaging and producing dance music. During the pandemic, our incredibly talented musician Chace flourished within the domestic mainstream media, and Beauz and Carta have both made waves on international stages. More and more brilliant homegrown artists are now ready to showcase their music to the world. Fabled Records and our whole division at LNEA are committed to bringing the best artists and music from Greater China to the global stage. There is no better way to achieve this than through our partnership with Toby, Cindy, and the team at Astralwerks, as well as Tom, the team at Capitol Records China and the rest of Universal Music Group’s international divisions.”
Live Nation
Toby Andrew
Toby Andrew, President of Astralwerks, said:We’re very excited to work alongside Tom and the team at Capitol Records China, whilst expanding the reach of Astralwerks Asia through this innovative partnership with Jim and the team at Live Nation. Cindy Gu has spent the last two years working tirelessly on the presence of Astralwerks Asia in the region, and this collaboration puts us firmly at the forefront of the burgeoning electronic music scene in China and throughout the continent. We can’t wait to get started working with Fabled Records’s roster of incredible artists.” 
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