NetEase Cloud Music Continues to Strengthen its Music Library With a New Licensing Agreement with TF Entertainment

NetEase Cloud Music targets Chinese teen idol fans with new licensing agreement.

TF Entertainment

NetEase Cloud Music and Beijing Time Fengjun Culture and Entertainment Development Co., Ltd., have announced that they have entered into a music licensing agreement. The deal aims to  broaden NetEase Cloud Music’s  portfolio and enhance its presence among the younger generation.

Through the agreement NetEase Cloud Music is authorized to use a wide range of TF Entertainment’s music, including a library of music from TFBOYS, TNT (Teens in Times), and TF Family. As one of China’s largest entertainment companies, TF Entertainment focuses on creating and training pop artists that are linked to the younger generation. Through the collaboration, both parties will jointly work to promote artists by leveraging their respective networks.

NetEase Cloud Music has become one of China’s leading online music platforms and a preferred destination for young Chinese users. NetEase Cloud Music carried out a successful live broadcast of the TFBOYS “Daylight Travel,” the 7th Anniversary Concert, on the platform in August 2020, attracting 786,000 peak concurrent viewers and setting a record for “the most live viewers for a pay-per-view music concert on the platform.” The success of the event demonstrates NetEase Cloud Music’s continual innovation and connection among its younger user base, as well as its ability to offer high-quality music experiences through the platform.

TF Entertainment was established in 2009 and has specialized in developing new talent. TFBOYS is one of TF Entertainment’s most popular idol groups, which includes three members: Karry Wang, Roy Wang, and Jackson Yee. The boy band debuted in 2013 and became a Chinese pop-culture phenomenon almost immediately. In 2019, the seven-member young male group Teens in Times (TNT) made its debut on the music scene and quickly achieved a wide fanbase.

NetEase Cloud Music has been actively fortifying its copyright holdings through a variety of partnerships with various music copyright owners to add more diverse content to its platform. NetEase Cloud Music is dedicated to expanding its content offering by targeting different and evolving client preferences to deliver higher-quality content to its user base in China.

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