Papua New Guinea Musicians Finally Paid Royalties For Music Streaming

mJam Pacific paves the way for PNG artists

For the first time, Papua New Guinea musicians will see royalties paid to artists who are included on internet music streaming platforms.

Papua New Guinea Musicians

Among the first to earn royalties include six PNG musicians known by stage names:

  • Tonton Malele
  • Kali D
  • Jugu Mahn
  • Dannielle
  • Ragga Siai
  • Betty Toea

This is all possible with the music app mJams Pacific launched by Bmobile in PNG in April 2022 after a performance and marketing blitz in Port Moresby. 

mJams Pacific

The mJams program will provide an outlet for monetary compensation for local PNG musicians who have registered on this platform. 

This software is the first of its kind in the Pacific area, but it has been a big success in other emerging markets across Asia, with:

  • 400,000+ users in Cambodia
  • 500,000+ in Myanmar

Continually expanding due to rising demand, mJams streams music to mobile devices via mobile Internet connection and offline play. 

Currently functioning in the Solomon Islands and Tonga, mJams has 400 Pacific Island musicians marketing their music and collecting royalties through this network. The music application also allows its users to explore, stream, and download music.

Ragga Siai’s Official Video For His 2022 Hit – Meri Arawa

Telikom PNG

Brian Mape, Telikom PNG’s head of strategy and innovation stated that while it is widely recognized and popular in Asia, this application is the first of its type in PNG. 

Papua New Guinea
Brian Mape-Telikom PNG’s head of strategy and innovation
“With this App, we can see trending artists and which musicians are performing exquisitely in the market. The market growth of this newly introduced App is prolific given that PNG has over a hundred artists.” Said Brian Mape,Telikom PNG’s head of strategy and innovation

This is the first time royalties would be paid to PNG artists who are on this music streaming service.

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